mercredi 13 mai 2009


Still recovering from the dragons' fire attack, Helena along with Jean-Gaël and the rest of the Orchestra sought protection in an underground shelter. It was a mighty fortress. Jean-Gaël, who acted as Helena's underground guide, bragged on how their insulation walls will safeguard them against any assault from the evil characters. The underground shelter was fully fortified. But his sense of pride and security was shortly lived upon knowing the capture and death of some comrades during the dragon attack...

THIS musical tale is an innovative manga-like, audio book online brought to life by fantasy drawings, adventure soundtrack and techno beats. Modern adaptation of manga drawings gave dawn to lifelike graphic drawings and pictures of dragons, wolves and horses.

Like a typical anime warrior, Helena, a young virtuoso is destined to a heroic fate...
Join her in her quest of unlocking the mystery behind "The Prophecy" and her destiny.

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