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Fantasy Novel Helena 5-6 [fantasy audio books]
Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.
and the Orchestra of the World of Mist

A few seconds later, Helena was joined by her friends, with Constantine leading the way.

Constantine : "Helena, are you okay? What happened?"

Helena : "It's amazing! I saw Ama, and he had his whole wolf family with him. His partner is a beautiful white wolf, and there were lots of youngsters too."

Sohane : "Yes. They're the wolves that helped us during the attack. They came and then they went away. I had no idea you knew a wolf."

Helena : "I met him near the house a few years ago. Were friends, but I didn't know he had a family. He was always alone when I saw him. I guess he hunted by himself when he got close to the village, to keep his pack out of danger."

Constantine : "This is all very interesting ladies, but I don't think it's a good idea to hang around here. There may be soldiers lagging behind. I suggest we head for the cathedral."

Sohane : "Okay, come on, Helena. You can tell us all about it on the way."

Constantine : "If I was with a bunch of guys, I wouldn't be too worried. But with all you girls to look after, I think we'd better get going."

Florianne : (to Sohane) "Is he always like this, or is today something special?"

Sohane : "Actually, today he's more modest than usual!"

A few seconds later, Costia caught his foot in a hole and fell flat on his face in the mud. In a general outburst of laughter, the girls really let him have it.

Florianne : (mockingly) "Interesting way to protect us! My hero!"

Sohane : "More like kind of a scout. His system is to pick up samples every now and then. Any new leads, Detective Costia?"

Constantine : "Go on, make fun of me, go on! Hahaha...very funny!", he said angrily, as he tried to wipe off his glasses, only to spread mud all over the lenses, provoking even more laughs from the girls.

Sohane : "Brave knight, would you permit a mere fragile damsel to help you by cleaning your spectacles?"

Constantine : "Thanks."

A hundred meters away, behind the halos of black smoke, surrounded by masses of trampled earth, the cathedral rose up in the distance.

Meanwhile, inside, Naïma had called Youssef and Alicia. They were all at the end of the cathedral, in front of a wall burnt by the dragons' breath. At eye level, an engraved inscription in red letters, which had not been previously visible, appeared. As a result of the extreme combustion temperatures however, the wall's façade had broken away, revealing a layer of much older stone on which a text had been engraved in Gothic letters.

Youssef : "TIUS IMPE UM TRAE VOC EV UM ERI. I have no idea what that means."

Alicia : "It looks like Latin, but we've got to loosen the rest of the wall, to see if that's the whole text or not."

Youssef : "Naïma, Eric, Alexander, come and help us. We've got to loosen the wall to see the whole inscription."

They began to carefully remove the more recent pieces of wall which were masking the much more ancient layer.

Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

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