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FANTASY NOVEL Helena 5-7 [fantasy audio books]
Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.
and the Orchestra of the World of Mist

About ten minutes later, the entire inscription was visible.

Youssef : "'ISTIUS IMPERIUM PETRAE VOCE EVULTUM ERIT'. Anyone have a clue?"

Alexander : "'Imperium' looks like 'imperial', 'Voce' means 'voice' in Italian..."

Naïma : "Imperial voice? 'Petrae' comes from the verb 'petrified'. So, 'petrified imperial voice'?""

Constantine : (from a distance) "Imperium doesn't mean imperial. It means power!"

Constantine, Sohane, Helena and Florianne had just arrived at the cathedral and were heading towards the others.

Constantine : "IMPERIUM means power, PETRAE doesn't mean petrified. It means stone. VOCE is the voice, and ISTIUS means malicious or evil. It's Latin, so the verb is at the end of the sentence. EVULTUM is a past participle which must mean "destroy"”, if I remember right. ERIT is "go" in the future tense, so EVULTUM ERIT must mean, "going to destroy", I think."

Florianne : "This time, you really impress me! You know Latin?"

Sohane : "Actually, behind all that macho stuff, lies a real intellectual. He even reads books."

Youssef : "So to sum up, what does it all say? 'The evil one will destroy the stone with his voice'? That's a little like the soprano who shatters glass with her high notes."

Constantine : (serious)"Let me think. ISTIUS goes with IMPERIUM, so that makes, 'the evil thunder'. PETRAE VOCE is the subject of the verb, EVULTUM ERIT. So now I've got, 'The voice of the stone will destroy his evil power.'...or something like that."

Sohane : (pensive)" 'The voice of the stone will destroy his power' that sounds right."

Youssef : "If we tell the others about this message, they might be able to give us a clue."

Florianne : (skeptical)"But an inscription in Latin must go back to ancient history. I can't see what good it could it do us today?"

Alicia : "Unless it's the prophecy!"

Florianne : "Prophecy? What prophecy?"

Youssef : "There's a rumor that a prophecy exists that can bring balance back to the world. It's possible that these words were hidden so as to prevent us from using them against our enemies."

Alexander : "But if it's going to help us, we have to understand what it's trying to say. 'The voice of the stone will destroy his power' is a little abstract, wouldn't you say?"

Eric : "Hey, maybe it's Mick Jagger! The voice of the "Rolling Stone!"

Alexander : (sarcastically)"Very if a medieval prophecy could talk to a twentieth century English rock group! If you have any other bright ideas, don't hesitate to waste even more of our time!"

Eric : "Wow, you can't even joke around with you guys anymore!"

Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

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