dimanche 28 juin 2009

FANTASY NOVEL Helena 5-2 [fantasy audio books]

Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]
This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.
and the Orchestra of the World of Mist

Helena : "Sohane! Sohane! I don't believe it!"

Helena went running into her friend's arms.

Sohane: "Ouch, not so hard. I'm a little sore, so take it easy."

Helena : "You can't imagine how glad I am to see you!"

Constantine : (complainingly) "As usual, I'm cellophane around here! Don't worry, I'm used to it."

Helena : "Incredible! You're here too, Constantine!"

She grabbed him around the neck.

Constantine : "You didn't think we were going to let you have fun all by yourself? We may not be musicians, but as far as equestrian choreography's concerned, we're pretty hard to beat."

Sohane: (looking mockingly at Costia) "Although some dances were less graceful than others."

Helena : (overjoyed) "I cant believe it! I can't believe you're here with me! I thought I was all alone, and suddenly, you two appear! It's amazing! I'm so happy! This is fantastic!"

Sohane put her arms around Helena.

Sohane: "Helena dear, don't you know how much we adore you and how wonderful we think you are. We'll always be with you."

Constantine : (to Sohane)"And we'll always be there for her too!"

Helena : (with tears in her eyes)"I'm so lucky to have friends like you."

Constantine : "I couldn't agree with you more. We are pretty classy friends."

Costia took a friendly punch on the shoulder from Sohane, whose left arm was wrapped around Helena.

Helena : (more serious)"They told me that my parents had been kidnapped. It seems they're prisoners of a certain Marx Igor and a Queen Teresa. Do you anything about it?"

Sohane: "Yes, they told us. Apparently, Teresa's soldiers captured the musicians so that Marx Igor could turn them into their phantom slaves. They're alive, but we don't know if they can be turned back into their human form."

Constantine : "That's because we haven't been able to get any of the prisoners back. In fact, there are more of them now."

Helena : "Is there anyone around you who knows about magic spells?"

Sohane: "Not really. We heard about some sort of prophecy, but nobody knows anything else about it. It's just a rumor, I guess."

Constantine : (mysteriously) "The rumor says that a cauldron filled with a boiling elixir, and seven drops of spit from a toad in heat, a lock of blonde hair from a virgin, at midnight during a full moon..."

Sohane: (furious) "Stop that!!! Why do you always have to turn everything into a joke!? We can't talk about anything serious when you're around! You're such a drag!"

Constantine : (crushed) "Okay, you're right. You were just saying, 'We don't know anything about anything..."

Sohane: (pouting) "Pff!".....(to Helena) "Helena, have you been outside yet? Let's go and have a look."

Helena : "Good idea."

Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

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