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FANTASY NOVEL Helena 5-3 [fantasy audio books]
Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.
and the Orchestra of the World of Mist

A few minutes later, two separate groups were forming. The first, coming from the underground, getting ready to go back to the cathedral, and the second, consisting of Sohane, Constantine, Helena and Florianne coming from the cavern leading to the stable.

Outside, it was almost as if they were in the Bussy countryside, if it weren't for the violet colored sky and the varied shades of red and bluish gray. To the east, everything seemed darkened. The yellow color of autumn leaves gave way to dark shapes hidden by clouds of mist and fog. The trees and the ferns seemed to progressively disappear only to be replaced, in the distance, by a local species of dark bramble bushes, with long, sharp thorns that created a very hostile and natural form of barbed wire.

The exit to the cavern was located to the southwest, in a wooded area that one had to cross to reach the main east-west area where the fighting took place.

Constantine : "Am I dreaming or did I just come out with girls only?"
(flirtingly, turning to Florianne) "Hello, I'm Constantine, but you can call me, Costia."

Sohane: (upset) "Do I have to remind you that we're on patrol here, and that we're supposed to keep our eyes open?!"

Constantine : "That's just it. I opened my eyes, and hmmmm, I saw a dream walking...Florianne, right?"

Florianne : (dryly) "Yes, I'm Florianne, but I've heard all about you, so for now, let's stick to the mission. Okay?"

Constantine (showing off) "No sweat, baby. You've got me here to protect you. Stay close to me, and you'll be fine."

Florianne : (bursting out laughing) "Pff..."

Sohane : (sarcastically) "Cool. It's good to know we're really safe. That's for sure!"

As they walked, Helena asked question after question about the kidnapping of her parents, about black fortress, the ghosts, the captured musicians, Marx Igor's spells, his recent alliance with Teresa Wagner, his breeding and training of dragons, his mercenaries, and so on.

She also wanted to hear about the attack of the horsemen and the wolves, and how they had succeeded in destabilizing such a powerful army by dispersing them and by launching numerous lightning like attacks, retaining the advantage of terrain and speed. Helena wasn't interested in military strategy, but she was amazed by the courage and fidelity of the horses and the wolves. They had attacked armed soldiers and monsters ten times their size. And yet, they wreaked havoc in their lines and forced the terrible queen to retreat. Who knows how many human lives they had saved today? She hoped that one day, humans would realize the debt they owed these animals and that they would learn to respect them.

They left the wooded area and turned onto the road leading to the cathedral, on the left. The word, "road", was hardly exact. The queen's army and its dragons had transformed it into a huge path of broken and trampled on tree branches. The earth had been turned into a five meter wide stretch of black mud, with deep imprints of giant hooked paws.

On the left, the path widened even more towards the combat zones. There was burning vegetation all over, as well as dead soldiers lying on the ground, trampled, burned or totally crushed.

Helena tried as hard as she could not to look at these combat atrocities...

Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]

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