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FANTASY STORY Helena 4-6 [audio book online]
Fantasy Story [audio book online]

This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.
and the Orchestra of the World of Mist

In the meantime, at the surface of this world of mist, eight heavily armed horsemen, wearing fireproof armor were approaching a thicket at the foot of a hill. It had always been impossible for Fire not to have walked in front of it. Each time Sohane tried, the horse would take some steps in place, salivate, and turn in all directions. It was he, in front of his companion, Presto, that was leading the pack towards the entrance to the underground passage. They came to a spot covered over with the branches of a weeping willow tree. In spite of his usual reluctance, this time Presto was only too happy to let Fire go first through this opaque screen.

The horseman had to separate the branches and at the same time lower his head as much as possible, since just behind, was the entrance to stone cavern, and it was very low. Presto was big, and Costia had to let himself slide on the flank to get through.

After going through a fairly dark entrance, they came to a beautiful and spacious stable, where straw and hay were waiting for them.

Side by side, Constantine and Sohane removed the harnessing from their horses. Costia was a little less careful and always finished ahead of Sohane. In addition, having been raised on a farm, he had been doing this all his life, and he certainly wouldn't have missed the occasion to tease Sohane for the world.

Constantine : "Hey, it seems you've got one side redder than the other."

Sohane : (busy) "Leave me alone, will you Costia?!"

Constantine : "If you ask me, the next time you attack, you ought to concentrate on your left, to balance it out. What number is your sun block? I don't think it's strong enough."

Sohane : "You're too much!"

Constantine : "Too much? You better believe it. Did you see that trench I dug when I charged full speed ahead with Presto? That was better than just too much!"

Sohane : "Okay, I've got to admit it. That was pretty good. But with Fire, we have a classier style of fighting. You see, we've got a brain. That helps. Actually, I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time. Those strings on the know, they're called reins?! You can use them to turn if you want. You don't always have to go straight ahead."

Constantine : (ironically, acting dumb) "Oh, so that's what those things are for! I've got to try that one day."

He started helping Sohane by getting the hay and putting the equipment away.

Constantine : "Yeah, and with all your "classy" ducking, you're still lucky I was around to create a diversion, because if I hadn't, we'd have had barbecued Sohane for dinner! For a minute there, I felt this heat hitting my backside, like I'd been shot. Lucky for me, I was out of range, but I could really feel the heat. It was like someone had just opened the door of an oven!
Just look at how twisted the hairs on Presto's tail are."

Sohane : "Okay, thanks, but you're still not careful enough. You get too close. Speed is fine, but one day, you're gonna get into trouble running ahead like that. You should stay together with the group."

Constantine : "Oh, it's just too much danger for the little girl." (mockingly) "You've gotta stay back, play it safe. (showing off, patronizing) Combat is obviously not a girl thing, so it's only natural that you get scared."

Sohane : (incredulous) "Oh, I see. Ladies and gentlemen, we've just found the original Cro-Magnon man. Here he is!" she said pointing her finger at Constantine.

Fantasy Story [audio book online]

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